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Bill Wivell (President)
Cliff Sweeney (Immediate Past Club President)
Joe Ritz Jr. (Secretary)
Sharon Hane (Treasurer)
  Cliff Sweeney   (Membership Director)  
Dale Shields Jr. * (LCIF Director)

Bill Bowers John Kile
Marilyn Bowers Robert Ott
Denise Etris John Sanders *
Mary Flickinger Donna Seiss 
Susie Glass Nancy Smith
James Hahn * Jared Suit
Tim Hane Elizabeth Sweeney
James Hance * Kim Valentine
Robert Hance Dianne Walbrecker
Elza Hurst Melissa Wetzle
Jenni Joy Rachel Wivell
Patrick Joy Mark Zurgable *
Connie Kapriva
Rich Kapriva * charter members