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Ed Little Project (Phase II) October 13th 2014

Although wheelchair bound, Ed Little has given much to the Emmitsburg community, particularly in his years of service to the Emmitsburg Volunteer Ambulance Company. This year and last the Emmitsburg Lions were given an opportunity to reciprocate with the Ed Little Project, a two-fold endeavor including the installation of a house generator completed last year (Phase I) and the construction of a deck and ramp off of Ed's bedroom onto the front porch (Phase II) enabling an alternate escape route from Ed's bedroom in the event of an emergency. Funding for the project was raised through the efforts of Ed and his family. Lions and volunteers rolled up their sleeves to provide the work force necessary.

Both phases of the project were directed by Lion Bill Wivell. With fewer days of accommodating weather remaining in the year, Phase II was scheduled for October 11th, with a rain date of October 13th. As the first date turned out to be a solid day of rain, the project was rescheduled for the later date.

Unfortunately, the only two Lions who were available for the detail on October 13th were Lions Bill and Joe. To the rescue, Lion Bill asked the assistance of his brothers, Steve, Mike, Perry, Randy, Dale, and nephew Logan. The Wivell brothers were enthusiastic in their generosity to serve this Lions project and quite experienced in the construction skill set necessary for the task at hand. Lion Joe proclaimed that all Wivell brothers were "honorary Lions for the day". Together, We Served!

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